Jeff Plunkett & staff didn’t inspect at least 332 eateries in 2018: Report

Nearly two-thirds of Hamilton NJ’s food establishments went uninspected in 2018, a startling number that has township officials alarmed about why local health officials didn’t prioritize annual checks as provided by state law.

The lists of 332 uninspected retail food establishments includes popular restaurants like DeLorenzo’s Pizza on Sloan Avenue, Rossi’s Bar and Grill on Whitehorse-Mercerville Road, and JoJo’s Tavern and Bill’s Olde Tavern, both on Nottingham Way.

The Stone Terrace by John Henry’s, the site of Kelly Yaede’s 2019 mayor’s ball, and Fame Restaurant — a personal favorite of GOP mayoral challenger David Henderson — also appeared on a list of places that township health officials, under the direction of health officer Jeff Plunkett, failed to visit in 2018, according to records obtained by The Trentonian.

The 90,000-resident township had 509 food establishments in 2018, one fewer than the year before, when township health officials managed to inspect all but four of them, records show.

The food establishments on the list weren’t inspected through no fault of their own. That responsibility fell on Plunkett and his staff at the township health department. Township officials said they’ve received no explanation from Mayor Kelly Yaede’s administration for the drastic year-to-year reduction in restaurant inspections and hoped to get answers from the township health officer at Tuesday’s meeting of the local board of health.

So 509 establishments, 332 NOT INSPECTED in 2018 while in 2019 there were 510 joints and 506 WERE INSPECTED and Mayor Kelly Yaede just didn’t notice it??? “Hamiltonians should have confidence in having a mayor who prioritizes public health and safety, who does not lie, and who puts the public first. Unfortunately, Hamilton has a mayor with none of the qualities,” Council president Jeff Marin said. “If Mayor Yaede’s administration lied about the problems at the animal shelter and lied about conducting basic health inspections, what else is she and her administration lying about?”

Jeff Plunkett also serves as health officer for East Windsor and Upper Freehold. According to the East Windsor Township Health Department webpage he is still employed there. he’s also on their Contact the Township list.

HOW? Have you made a complaint to East Windsor about any restaurant? Was it even followed up on? The East Windsor GOP demands to know whether it’s safe to eat at East Windsor NJ restaurants.


East Windsor GOP demands to know whether its safe to eat at area restaurants

Four Republicans running this November for East Windsor Council — Paul Hummel Jr., Vincent Stottlemyer, Anna Lustenberg and Steven Uccio — are calling upon Democratic Mayor Janice S. Mironov to fully explain Jeff Plunkett’s job duties and role as the East Windsor health officer.

Plunkett, who serves as Health Officer in the townships of East Windsor, Hamilton and Upper Freehold, has been criminally charged with animal cruelty and remains at risk of losing his health officer license.

The New Jersey Department of Health wants to revoke Plunkett’s health officer license on allegations he provided food operating credentials to Hamilton dining establishments that had not been inspected and greenlighted Hamilton’s animal shelter operations without bothering to inspect the facility.

Plunkett has requested a hearing before an administrative law judge in hopes of retaining his health officer license. He is also mounting a rigorous defense in the criminal case, where he has been charged with official misconduct and animal cruelty in connection with improperly expedited euthanasia practices that infamously took place at the Hamilton Township Animal Shelter.

The GOP squad issued a joint statement Thursday morning saying they are “extremely concerned” about Plunkett’s services in East Windsor due to his well-publicized baggage in Hamilton Township.

dominos pizza east windsor nj
Domino’s East Windsor NJ’s rusty chimney

“We are doubtful that someone could be doing such a poor job in one town and an exemplary job in another,” the Republican slate said. “The current administration would like to downplay Mr. Plunkett’s involvement in the township, but the people of East Windsor deserve more.”

Mironov in a recent interview with The Trentonian suggested that Plunkett’s role is very limited in East Windsor. She did not respond Thursday to a request for additional comments.

“We need to know that the restaurants and other establishments in the township are safe to eat in and up to standard,” the East Windsor Republican slate said in their joint statement. “Our elected officials have an obligation to ensure money is spent wisely and employees are doing their job properly. We ask that the township provide more information to the public as to how much oversight there was over Mr. Plunkett’s duties.”

And you cannot trust anything out of East Windsor, NJ.

east windsor nj trees
Trees are dying in east windsor

Did you file a noise complaint in East Windsor Township over the past decade? Did you file a complaint against a restaurant in East Windsor NJ over the past decade? How was your animal complaint treated? Janice Mironov should strongly consider retiring.

“Our leaders should not hide from potential problems,” the GOP candidates added. “They should face them directly.”

east windsor nj homeless
Escape from East Windsor…

Mironov is running for re-election this year, as well as fellow East Windsor Council Democrats Marc Lippman, Peter Yeager and John Zoller. She must be voted OUT.

What is East Windsor NJ’s Tree Care (Forestry Program) Budget?

Tree City USA Standards from The Arbor Day Foundation = “A Community Forestry Program With an Annual Budget of at Least $2 Per Capita. City trees provide many benefits—clean air, clean water, shade and beauty to name a few—but they also require an investment to remain healthy and sustainable.”

east windsor new jersey dead tree

According to East Windsor (a previous Tree City USA) Township’s 2019 budget, the town apparently has ZERO dollars budgeted for tree care. ZERO for tree removal. ZERO for any contingency for Christ’s sake.

So of course it doesn’t own a tree bucket truck or have its DPW employees trained to use one. Someone is going to get killed.

janice mironov mayor east windsor nj
THIS tree on Oak Creek Circle is even closer to death today that it was

Remember that come the November elections. Getting screwed because only the terrible school board budget grows is actually getting screwed TWICE.

Vote Republican across the East Windsor Township 2019 Council Election ballot ticket and abstain voting for ANY East Windsor citizen running for the school board. (Ballots are not out yet but you can familiarize yourself via the just past primary ballot.)

east windsor township new jersey
Escape from East Windsor…


Route 130 Hankins / Conover ‘may or may not’ be delayed: Janice Mironov

Mayor Janice Mironov: “You may notice there have been delays on the Route 130 Hankins / Conover work. You may notice no one is working the Route 130 Hankins / Conover project.”

Mironov then adds: “It may or may not be on schedule.”

So there’s been delays.

No one is working it.

It may or may not be on schedule. Oh, ok. Just like the Cypress / Spruce disaster that just threw in a 4 week ‘vacation’ because.

Continued failures have not stopped Mayor Janice Mironov from accepting her long awaited gold medal. Either that or she’s now the Al Sharpton of East Windsor.

janice mironov

East Windsor Township is a complete and utter disgrace. Make sure to vote Republican come November.

East Windsor NJ continues to put DPW workers lives at risk

Almost every city with a master plan puts a cop on a road job to protect not only its Public Works employees but drivers and pedestrians as well.

Not Mayor Janice Mironov’s East Windsor Township in New Jersey. A source relays:

Today DPW is doing road jobs all over the place. Windsor Commons entrance was one. 571 and One Mile Road was another. They had to close down OMR Southbound after the light. With 5 stupid undersized orange cones. That led to drivers coming across 571 ON THEIR OWN to navigate a pause in the middle of the highway before trying to drive the wrong way on OMR until they could get back to the correct right lane. DPW workers were smack in the middle with backs turned in the Westbound lane of 571.

Of course drivers sped through all 4 ways as the job went on. All without any EWPD assistance. Where were they? Here the job is 1/4 mile from the Department and not only were not assigned (as they never are) but we didn’t see any even patrolling.

That written ask yourself, did you see any East Windsor Police patrol on your residential street? Going to bet you no.

East Windsor (NJ) Department of Public works ignoring Oak Creek Rd?

Another Department of Public Works email:

We live on Oak Creek Road. We don’t have many of the problems listed here. Our street is not pothole filled and actually has a street line. We don’t have the dying trees and, since we don’t have to rely on do nothing mayor, the large trees we do have get trimmed by JCP&L First Energy.

But we still have wood chipping. We still have large branches fall. We are Bulk area #2. Bulk area #2 is picked up on the second Wednesday of every month. The chipper truck follows that schedule. And yet we now have branches in the curb for 2 months. Some neighbors have branches in the street going on 3 months. A quick walk into Oak Creek Circle shows that they too have wood in the street (and they have a death strip of approximately 8-10 dead and dying ash trees.

East Windsor NJ is not a well oiled machine. It is a disgrace.